Zach Hofer-Shall

Zach N. Hofer-Shall

Twitter Ecosystem


Welcome to the online home of Zachariah N. Hofer-Shall.

First and foremost: Zach apologizes that he wrote this page in the third person. He doesn't like it either, but it helps with search engines. He's really sorry about that.

Zach is the Director of Twitter's Ecosystem. He works within Twitter's Business Development team on the business strategy behind Twitter's commercial data platform, APIs, and platform partnerships. Zach manages a team of business strategists who work across multiple business lines to ensure the growth and health of Twitter's ecosystem. In this role, Zach reviews hundreds of social technology companies and helps them build leading businesses through the power of Twitter data.

Previously, Zach was a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research writing and consulting on social technology platforms and how social data informs business decisions. This role enabled him to help companies better understand how the rapidly evolving web changes the way businesses learn from customers' online interactions. Zach focused his research on “Social Intelligence” – using social data to activate and recalibrate business strategies.

Not surprisingly, the easiest way to connect with Zach N. Hofer-Shall is on Twitter - @znh.

In his spare time Zach is a bagel enthusiast, a lover of word games, and a pretty awful amateur woodworker. Zach lives in the Bay Area with his wife, twin boys, and cat.

To get in touch with Zach you can find him on Twitter or use the links at the top of the page. He’d love to hear from you.